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General   /   3/10/2017


Speechmark1There are those that misjudge low price as a sign of low quality, but there are those that see it for what it can really be, high quality sold at a fair priceSpeechmark1

Low price high quality laser tag

For too long the laser tag market has suffered from unfairly over-inflated prices. A market ruled by just a few key long-term players, able to keep the artificially inflated prices high as they control the market. No one provider drops the price to any great degree therefore keeping the overall price for the consumer, regardless of who they go to, far higher than it could be and the profit for the manufacturers at a ridiculous level!

Production costs of often less than $300 a unit (especially when made in large quantities) and sales cost of sometimes more than 10 times this figure means a gross profit margin of up to 90%. The industry average for retail electronics is only 30% gross profit margin, so you can see a huge margin added due to the niche availabilityof laser tag products.

Of course there is always the thought of if I pay more for a system it must be of higher quality, but unfortunately this is not always the case.

An old adage was of a salesman who put two adverts in the press for the sale of car seats. For £10 you could buy the cheap and cheerful model but for £50 you could buy the deluxe model. The fact was both seats were exactly the same, advertised with identical photos and shown alongside each other.

The perception that “more money = more quality” led some people to buy the more expensive seat, whereas others saw through this and purchased the cheap one, knowing they were getting exactly the same!

Greater price certainly doesn’t mean greater quality by default.

This has been one of the huge driving factors behind us making INFINITY. We have aimed from the outset to produce a high end, high quality laser tag system with a fair price and no compromise on quality. We know that we have achieved it.

We are proud of the system we have produced and the prices we are able to offer it at and because of this we advertise our prices openly something you will not find many laser tag manufacturers doing.

We also have no hidden costs. We are upfront about all prices and there is no licence fee or compulsory ongoing charges. Once you have purchased the system, it is yours, with no crippling ongoing fees.