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Why is your INFINITY Laser Tag System cheaper than your competitors systems?

INFINITY, the laser tag system we have produced, has been developed in-house, with our own engineers. We have not outsourced any stage of the development of the hardware behind it so have been in complete control over exactly what components are used in the making of the system and all the associated costs of production. INFINITY uses the latest technologies available (with many revisions happening along the road of development as newer technologies became available.) This means we have taken full advantage of what the latest tech can do for us, enabling us to produce a system with many features for a fraction of the cost of many older systems

Where is your INFINITY Laser Tag System made?

All our design, development and assembly is done in our workshop and offices in Hemel Hempstead, in the UK. Where possible we have used UK based companies to produce the parts of our system which would traditionally be made overseas, this way we have been able to keep better control over the manufacturing process and the quality herein.

Is INFINITY based on or an enhancement of an existing Laser Tag System?

No. INFINITY is built from the ground up by ourselves. Whilst we are veterans of the industry and familiar with many laser tag systems, we built INFINITY from scratch.

What languages does your INFINITY System support?

Whatever language you desire. Vest speech, display graphics and control software all support full translations. Please contact us for more information.


Why have you created INFINITY?

We as directors were disillusioned at the state of the laser tag market. We felt that the pricing was artificially inflated and controlled by a small number of companies. Innovation had been ignored unless you wanted to pay premium prices for it. We felt we could do better ourselves and so left the minority directorship positions we held in another manufacturing company and formed QCore, with the aim of creating a laser tag system which challenged the market, providing a high end system at a low price. That system is INFINITY

Who is behind QCore and INFINITY?

Take a look right here.

When was QCore created?

QCore was founded in 2014 by Sam Godfrey and Philip Hill to create a brand new, cutting-edge commercial laser tag system. Calling upon their 20 plus years experience in the industry, they created INFINITY, providing high-end functionality at an affordable price-point.