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Choosing QCore as your Laser Tag Partner

There are many reasons why we stand above our competitors in the laser tag market, but here I have picked out 10 key points that will make a big difference to you as operators.

10 reasons to choose INFINITY Laser Tag from QCore:

· We are focussed on service and support. We understand our success is only through yours

· Military grade materials, cables and plastics throughout

· Plug and play spares

· All-inclusive warranties

· No license fees or extra charges for features

· Superfast game turnaround (start any game in 3 clicks from a mobile device)

· UNLIMITED games and options

· Fully immersive, interactive gaming

· High-end, advanced features at affordable pricing

· Industry unique, wireless phaser charging

The above, coupled with the fact we have over 25 years’ experience running our own laser tag sites places us in the unique position where we can assist in all aspects of opening and operating a laser tag site for profit.

Our angle has always been, and will always be, to help create a smooth, headache free and profitable operating experience for our clients. Our system is designed to require minimal maintenance, be simple to run, yet enable the user to create the most in-depth and exciting games to increase your bottom line.

With 3 simple purchase options; outright purchase, hire purchase or lease, owning an INFINITY Laser Tag system® is now easier than ever.

If you would like to find out more please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at:


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