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In the laser tag industry experience counts for an awful lot.

The experience of your laser tag system provider is key to the success of your laser tag venture. Everything from speed of repairs and replacement parts, to the reliability of the system and advice on aspects of opening and running your laser tag site is all dependent on the experience of your system provider. Whether you yourself are a veteran to the laser tag industry or are new to it, what you can gain from having an experienced supplier is unmeasurable.

QCore may be a new company in itself, but one thing we do not lack is experience.

Phil Hill, one of two directors of QCore started in the industry in 1990 at one of the first Quasar centres in the UK in Waltham Abbey. Acting as site manager he was responsible for all aspects of running the site. As the years progressed he became one of 3 partners opening 3 new Quasar sites around the outer London area, including Hemel Hempstead, at the time the biggest multi-themed arena in the world (and still open today). In the mid 90s, following the collapse of Q-Zar in the USA, his company became sole official supplier for spares and repairs throughout Europe, supporting more than 100 existing sites and helping new clients in setting up sites, with Phil being head of repairs and support as well as responsible for new site installs.

In 2005, as part of Quasar Manufacturing, Phil worked on a revamp of Quasar called Quasar Elite which took the old Quasar system a step forward, updating many of the core components of the system. This was sold throughout the UK and Europe and again Phil handled all repairs, support and new site installation. In 2013 Phil parted ways with the other partners, stepping away from Quasar Manufacturing and the other Quasar sites he was partner to and become sole owner of Quasar Hemel.

Sam Godfrey, the other director of QCore started working in the laser tag industry in 2001 as a Marshall in Quasar Enfield. After a year he was manager and responsible for most aspects of running the site. In 2005 Sam was one of the directors of Quasar Manufacturing. He was responsible for the software production and reverse engineered the Quasar network protocol to be able to write a fully functioning version of the software for modern Window’s PCs to run the Quasar Elite system. He continued with Quasar Manufacturing until early 2013, during which time Sam handled technical and software support and took part in site installations and laser tag equipment change overs. In 2013 Sam, with 2 other partners, opened his own 26 vest laser tag site, which operated until the building was set to be demolished in 2016.

In late 2013 Phil and Sam formed QCore and began working on a new laser tag system that would finally become INFINITY.

As you can see, between us with have a large amount of experience, covering pretty much every aspect of the laser tag industry. We have assembled a strong team around us to help us build what we feel is the most affordable, high-end laser tag system on the market, with a support team that can back it up.

We know what is needed when running a laser tag site and what is expected of a supplier, and we have built our company around that model. All repairs and spares are shipped within 24 hours of receipt, and support is always a phone call away.

We are able to advise on all aspects of opening a laser tag site from location suitability to arena planning, ongoing marketing to birthday party packages. So whether you are looking at changing your laser tag equipment provider, or opening a brand new site, it is definitely something we can assist with.

Perhaps best of all, we don’t charge for any of this. If you chose the INFINITY laser tag system all help, support and advise in the setting up of your site, or the installation of our laser tag equipment is totally free.


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